Pay less tax legally

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Our experience in matters of taxation of personal income brings you a fiscal optimisation adapted to your financial situation, and which will allow you to limit the fiscal cost of your professional income, but also of your capital income and unmovable property by respecting the Belgian taxation laws and by using its most favourable innovations.

» Your activities are conducted in a company, through a branch office or a subsidiary?

We offer, in matters of corporate income tax:

» You are looking for professional support for VAT or international taxation matters?

In matters of critical examination, we offer preventive conventions of double taxation and also ‘authorised’ transfer costs

» You are a third country resident or expatriate?

Tax & Law International brings its assistance in matters of European fiscal law to executive directors, top executives and the self employed who are temporarily detached, permanently transferred or in situations of salary-split.

» You are looking for professional advice in matters of fiscal procedure or tax contestation dispute?

We preferably – except for contrary instructions on your part – work to negotiate an agreement with the tax authorities. This almost always proves more favourable for the taxpayer as it avoids the heavy financial burden of specialised lawyers and waiting patiently for many years before obtaining redress.

Our tax services in the fields of corporation tax, personal income tax & VAT